Raven SmartHatch

The Raven SmartHatch is a high-tech semi-automatic rearing module. This is monitored and controlled remotely by RavenFeed, so that it requires minimal effort from the farmer or fish farmer.

An assessment is made of how many SmartHatch modules are needed on the basis of the required amount of protein. Electricity, water and an accessible location are the only essentials to install a SmartHatch module.

Fresh substrate and insect eggs are supplied daily from the RavenHub. After ten days, the BSF larvae are ready for harvest. This is done by separating the larvae and insect manure (frass). The larvae can be used directly as feed for chickens or fish. Further processing for derivates production is also possible. The fertilizer product, the so-called frass, is returned to the RavenHub for further processing and distribution.